Компания ReStart — авторизованный партнёр Apple

ReStart — authorized Apple partner

You can trust us with your devices because:

  • We are officially certified to provide warranty and post-warranty service of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, Beats and other products;
  • We receive components from the same supply chain as Apple;
  • Our specialists are certified Apple engineers;
  • We have all the necessary technical and software tools for repair of complex and newest Apple devices.
Fix Apple device

We change screen on your iPhone

We change battery on your iPhone

Digital devices repair and Trade-in program

At ReStart we fix all modern electronic devices. Our specialists:

  • Perform diagnostics of your devices;
  • Eliminate damages of any difficulty level;
  • Only use original details;

You will receive 3-months guarantee on all types of repair.
We also offer you to check out our Trade-in program. We are ready to pay in cash for you second-hand devices regardless of their condition!

Repair of digital devices Trade-in
Ремонт цифровой техники и программа Trade‑in

We change screen on your phone

We change video adapter on your laptop

We will pay in cash for your Apple devices

Ремонт бытовой техники, холодильников, стиральных машин, микроволновок

Household appliances repair

ReStart will protect your hearth & home. Why should you trust us?

  • We are an authorized partner of major brands on the market;
  • Our experts are not random people who know how to hold a spanner, but engineers certified by manufacturers of household appliances;
  • In our work we only use those details that are received directly from manufacturers;
  • Our technician will directly come to your house for free;
  • We have been fixing small and big appliances for you during 20 years;
  • You receive 3 months guarantee on all kinds of repair in our service center.
Household appliances repair

We will fix your fridge

We will fix your washing machine

We will fix your microwave oven


Certified specialists

Repair of all kinds of equipment is a piece of cake for experts from ReStart service point. Strong qualifications, professional skills and great experience let us return the repaired gadget to the client in a short period of time.

Our certificates

Real guarantee

We use only top quality components to repair products from world famous brands. It lets us give a long-time guarantee on all kinds of repair — starting from 3 months.

Guarantee section

Technical expert services

Only top experts work at ReStart. Our specialists are always ready to help you and tell about the intricacies of modern devices, as well as teach you how to use them.

Technical expert section

Guarantee section

Services to corporate clients


Ремонт сложного оборудования

Repair of complex equipment

Вызов мастера на дом

In-home repair

Восстановление учётных записей

Account recovery

Обслуживание корпоративной техники

Maintenance of corporate equipment

Настройка сложных систем

Setting up complex systems

Warranty repair and device replacement

ReStart: we are trusted

ReStart is the largest multi-brand service company. We are competent in the sales of digital equipment, as well as equipment that had been used before based on Trade-in program. On top of that, we often serve as experts and consultants. Our main focus areas are authorized warranty repair and post-warranty services, repair, delivery and expertise of digital equipment and household appliances.

We have close partnerships with numerous manufacturers, as well as certification tests regularly passed by our employees. It lets us support our clients on the highest of levels.

Some of the brands that are covered by our service:

More than 20 years of work. More than 100 000 repairs. ReStart — enduring and strong quality brand.