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Then welcome! The Restart Authorized Service Center offers you top-class repairs and free diagnostics.

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This page is about billable repairs. Do you want your device repaired under warranty? Visit our warranty section!

If you don’t want to repair your digital equipment, we are ready to buy it from you. We are ready to buy your device in any condition for cash.  

Repair of digital equipment

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Warranty repair

We offer you free diagnostics of digital equipment in case of repair at our service center. In case of refusal of repair, diagnostics is paid according to the price list.

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Do you have any questions? Please leave a repair request or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Our managers will consult you free of charge.

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Repair of digital equipment at Restart service center

Restart: a team of professionals

Digital devices are all around us. You have to admit that few modern people can be imagined without a smartphone, and laptops are gradually taking away the «place under the sun» from desktop computers. What is there to say: even the watch, a device that people have been using for thousands of years, is gradually becoming a digital gadget.
Even the most advanced technology can break down. You don’t have to get discouraged and buy a new one right away. At Restart, we believe that you can give broken appliances a chance.

  • We offer you free diagnostics if you have your repairs done by us. No professional repair is complete without pre-diagnostics and post-diagnostics — in the first case you need to localize the breakdown, in the second — to make sure that it is eliminated;
  • You get a warranty from 3 months for all types of repairs in our service center;
  • Our engineers are «armed to the teeth» with the most modern tools (from a soldering iron to an oscilloscope) and own them perfectly;
  • We are engaged in repair of digital equipment in Odessa and Kiev more than 10 years. We think this is experience you can trust.
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Платный и гарантийный ремонт цифровой техники
Сервисное обслуживание цифровой техники, гарантия

Restart: not only repairs

We try to offer our customers the highest level of service. But that’s not the end of our capabilities. Let’s see what else we can offer our customers:

  • We are an authorized partner of many major brands, which means that in addition to paid repair, you can also get warranty repairs of digital equipment;
  • As an authorized service center we use only original spare parts, received directly from manufacturers. We believe (based on real practice) that counterfeit parts inevitably lead to another premature device failure;
  • We are an online store of new and used digital equipment. We offer a mandatory warranty on each product. Also in our assortment you will find interesting gadgets for yourself and as a gift;
  • We have a Trade-in program, which will let us buy back your used digital equipment (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) in any condition.

Do you have a question or do you want to leave a repairs request?

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Recent articles dedicated to the repair of digital devices

ReStart предупреждает

Some users of digital equipment may want to fix the problem on their own. There is no need to do that! 

  • Modern digital equipment is a complex digital-to-analog devices. Without the appropriate knowledge, skills, tools and parts to carry out its repair will not work;
  • Electric appliances are dangerous devices in themselves (because of the danger of electrocution). Unprofessional intervention in them can lead to unpleasant consequences (and not for the self-taught repairman, but for those who will use this device more often);
  • Attempting to repair it yourself very often leads to the fact that the inevitable subsequent referral to the service center will cost more than it could cost before unprofessional intervention. Regularly we get the equipment, to which the attempts of “home” repair went only to its detriment. 

Bottom line, if you want to save your time, your money (as it may seem paradoxical) and not to risk your health and health of their loved ones, do not repair your digital technology yourself. Contact us and we will do the job for you!

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In some cases, the failure of a digital device may seem insignificant. The most common example is a «drowned» smartphone, which after drying has recovered its performance.

The problem here is obvious: rare water is without the presence of impurities. Even a weak acidic environment can lead to the degradation of electrical connections, which entails a costly replacement of the entire smartphone board. The conclusion is obvious — the waterlogged device should be urgently taken to the service center, where it will be disassembled, completely cleaned and diagnosed.

The same applies to all the other problems, whether it be bad sound in the speaker, image defects, microphone problems, network problems and so on. 

Timely diagnostics will help to identify the problem at an early stage. Practice shows that the earlier the problem is identified, the easier, faster and cheaper it is to fix.

Do you feel that your digital equipment is starting to malfunction? Do not put it off, call or write us, we will help you quickly and professionally. 

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This headline will probably provoke a legitimate reaction in some people: every sandpiper praises his own swamp. We would be ready to agree with this opinion completely, if we did not have to regularly take orders for redoing other people’s work.

Let’s consider the advantages of «basement» services:

  • Low price is promised.

Yes, that’s it. They have nothing else to offer. Let’s look at their disadvantages:

  • Lack of authorization. The vast majority of service centers in the Ukrainian market do not have any certificates from the manufacturers of equipment. What does it mean to you?
    1. They have no wiring diagrams and other documentation provided to authorized service centers.
    2. They don’t have original parts — so they are forced to use low-quality analogues.
    3. They don’t have specialized tools for diagnosis and repair, which, again, they get from the manufacturers.
    4. They are not responsible to the manufacturers of the equipment for their work. 
  • Lack of warranty. Most unauthorized repair shops do not provide a real warranty on their repair work. That is, the warranty may be stated, but in the case of a warranty case, you will not get justice: they often change phone numbers, owners, legal entities, etc.
  • Lack of experience and experienced engineers on staff. In such organizations there is a huge «turnover» of personnel, it is a normal state of their work process. As a rule, they do not care about the qualifications of their masters, because their goal is just to make the maximum number of repairs per unit of time. 
  • Poor quality of work, which follows from the previous point. Repairs performed by such «professionals» often require repeated repairs, which, alas, cost the client a pretty penny.
  • The price quoted on websites (and voiced on the phone) is often infinitely far from reality. In especially bad cases, people have to pay several times what they were promised, and if they do not agree, they begin to threaten the police and the court. Not the most pleasant situation, we agree. 

ReStart is a service center authorized by many manufacturers. We have all the necessary documents, our masters are certified professionals, and they have the latest tools and parts in their arsenal. We are responsible for our work to you and to the manufacturers. We give a warranty on all types of repairs. And with all that — the price you will pay us is often lower than the price you will end up paying the «masters». 

Make the right choice.


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Выбирайте правильный сервис по ремонту крупной бытовой техники

Why do you need to choose us?

Гарантийный и платный ремонт цифровой техники

As an authorized service center, we officially repair digital devices on a paid basis and under warranty.

Предварительную стоимость ремонта вы можете узнать у нас на сайте или по телефону

Call us now (or order a callback from the website) and we’ll give you an estimate in 5 minutes!

Мы используем только оригинальные комплектующие

The key to high-quality repair is professional diagnostics. We have all the necessary tools to perform it. Call us now (or order a callback from the website) and we’ll give you an estimate in 5 minutes!

Мы предоставляем гарантию на все виды ремонта

We are confident that our work is our area of responsibility. Our customers receive a warranty of 3 months or more on repairs.

We arrange training courses and seminars for our masters several times a year. They are all certified professionals.

Опыт ремонта Apple - более 10 лет

We’ve been fixing your smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-books and other digital equipment for over 10 years. Thank you for being with us.

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